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70×7 Artist 101 Conference – Equip/Support/Provide Free Resources

 70×7 Artist 101 Conference – Equip/Support/Provide Free Resources

On Saturday 29th September 2018 at Sutton Christian Centre, 70×7 will be putting on the ‘Artist 101 Conference’. From 12:30pm when the doors open you will be immersed in a atmosphere that will equip, support and provide what you need to step forward in your music career.

This event aims at bringing detailed information to new, upcoming or even seasoned artists and provide, equip and support them with free resources that will help build their portfolios and increase their knowledge of the music scene.


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J Vessel battles not to ‘Lose Control’ in his new track with visuals

OBO Award-nominated rapper and vocalist J VESSEL is back with a brand new single ‘Lose Control’ and its accompanying visuals. With a more doctored vocal approach, J Vessel works with producer Victizzle on his new single off his upcoming album ‘The Story of Jordan James’.

I’m sure that a high percentage of people have faced this allure before, whether in small doses or in its extremities, we’ve mostly faced none the less. Its strikes me a bit to see ‘J’ deliver such a track about a very serious subject, especially in the Christian faith. A touchy subject, matter of fact a subject that has been swirling around for longer than I can remember in the Church. Sexual Lust!