We at Kingdom Culture Mixtape have a real passion for Christian/Gospel MCs (Emcee) who work hard on their music to have an avenue to showcase their music without prejudice. We want to create a reliable connection between people who want to hear MCs around the world and a connection to their craft. From rappers to poets, lyricist to freestylers, we want those who glorify Jesus with their craft and those who want to listen to rap music that glorifies Jesus to have a connection that is reliable.

We have a simple aim;

To deliver a wide selection of sound Christian Rappers, Poets, Lyricists, Danchall artists from around the world all under one brand to the consumer; those who love to listen to Christian Urban Music. A selection where they can choose what they like, and further their curiosity for that artist, who promotes the culture of the Kingdom of God.

We make the Kingdom Culture Mixtape in various volumes with a large selection of Christian music submitted to us from around the globe.

Download it free … Always!

You can download the Kingdom Culture Mixtape for free, all the time every time, and find more music from the music artist who made the track.

Download it directly to your desktop or smartphone and listen as you go. You could even listen via our soundcloud page via the soundcloud app (we do think it’s best to own it offline).


We are always open to partners and volunteers to help us grow, you can contact us with your desired skill or area you can add to. Contact us here.

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