Social Media

We can post to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sharing with our specific audience the good product or service that you have that can enhance their lives. The Kingdom Culture Mixtape audience is vibrant and active.

Our follow/like counts are increasing daily through our interaction and genuine interest and interaction from our audience.


This is where we will be delivering live interviews/ performances and update.


Our Kingdom Culture Target Audience

  • Age 18 – 40
  • The ‘Urban Christian’ who enjoys Rap/Dancehall/Spoken Word the MC’s
  • Instagram Generation
  • Christian/Gospel Rap Music Lovers
  • Christian/Gospel Spoken Word Lovers
  • UK Christians
  • US Christians

We have a variety of promo campaigns and advertising packages available for varying budgets to help you make noise and raise awareness. For more details about prices and specifications please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear about what you’re promoting and work with you.
Contact us:

Email contact @ for up to date rate card and consultation.


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