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Cerose is very matter of fact and straight to the point in his mixtape; Messiah Music – which is so refreshing. There’s no sugar coating or beating around the bush. He makes bold statements and presents the Christian perspective and viewpoint on controversial yet relevant issues such as homosexuality, promiscuity, the pressure to adhere to “societal norms” that may not be in line with

Mixtape Review: "Messiah Music" from Cerose


J Vessel released Unofficial remix “How Great Thou Art” a contemporary spin on the old school hymn classic. With the added vocals of ‘Hypertone’ featuring on the track. This track is a mood lifter and a reminder of how great God is. This track is nice to the ears with uplifting lyrics and a smooth melody. Infusing dance elements into the beat gets you lively in certain parts of the track.

Watch the video, which works well with the track itself.

Anon’s Free EP “Am I Enough?” over 8.5k

Anons’s free EP “Am I Enough?” over 8.5k seems to have the listenersYou know when you hear music and it offers you enjoyment and a sense of passion and craft? This happens when you listen to Anon’s new E.P project “Am I Enough?”. With over 8,500 thousand listens, you can see why this E.P has a good listening effect. Coming from Essex in the UK showcases mindful lyrics and heavy hits on the music. Anon has his track featured on the Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol.1 “Am I Enough”.

Our highlight track: Thankful (ft. Mister Lee)