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Faith Child in Malawi for track ‘Our Father’ – Music Video Review


Faith Child in Malawi for track ‘Our Father’ – Music Video Review

The sandy beaches, blue skies and Malawi sunshine will whisk you away from the present winter weather in Faith Child’s new music video for his single Our Father.

Opening in a similar format to a feature film – the voice over of the Lords Prayer in the native language – over a nights sky is a prologue to the sunrise, beginning of the core video and thus the beginning of the track.

The scenes flow well and primarily feature B rolls of the local village Salima in which the video was filmed, Faith performing and the choir singing the chorus out in the fresh open air. The director also does a good job incorporating what looks like a worship scene in a church.

It shows that praising the Lord is a universal, worldwide activity by those who believe and will take you back you to the joy it brings. Faith works the camera well and I enjoyed the vibrancy and colour of the scenery. Seeing all the locals get involved was pleasant.

However on first view, I was reminded of those charity adverts (though the project was made in support of Tearfund). Some could even argue this is a piece of philanthropy because it looks like the artist and camera crews are coming in to some village in Malawi to take some nice video footage for our entertainment.

Nevertheless when you listen to the song – break down the elements from the backing vocals, track and even the lyrics, setting the music video there makes perfect sense.

It oozes culture and joy and is such fun!


Once again, Faith Child has delivered and continues to remain true, faithful and committed to representing Christ in the music he makes. It’s a professional production and I give bare props to the person who created the storyboard for this project. It will bring joy to your hearts and definitely get you dancing.

Rachel’s Rating:

Faith Child in Malawi for track 'Our Father' - Music Video Review
Faith Child in Malawi for track ‘Our Father’ – Music Video Review

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