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Female Rapper Tneek drops “For That Money” single with visuals off R.I.C.H EP


Female Rapper Tneek drops “For That Money” single with visuals off R.I.C.H EP

When I heard Tneek was dropping a video for a single track from the R.I C.H. EP, I was thinking which track would be best to see a video for. As far as I am concerned each track had a potential to be a good visualisation for her songs from the EP. When we found out it was ‘For That Money’ we were thinking what the video would entail and what visual production would we see.

Female Rapper Tneek drops "For The Money" single with visuals off R.I.C.H EP

Directed by Jax Luther Films this video presents convincing storytelling, characters, depth and purpose. Many times you’ll see music videos with just props and shot by shot locations. Not to say those are dead, but you need to have balance between what Tneek shows in this video to simplicity shown in her Level Up video. On that point there was a definite “level up” from the said video to this one. Showing the growth of Tneek as an artists and the quality she is aiming to deliver.

Tneek is a Christian female rapper with a real positive message wrapped up in this video, she put’s courage and depth into this visual project. Tackling issues like prostitution, church issues, youth crime and money laundering.

…Probably has the most powerful/hard hitting message that is most likely to reach out and bridge the gap to … those that need to hear it. It’s current, relevant and one you will definitely dance to, well produced and written. The vocals from Trell is also good… – Read full review here by Rachel

Impressive and direct, something that this culture needs for good change.

We asked “If not for that money, what should we be for?” Tneek replied to Kingdom Culture:

We’re living in a society where the love of money is causing catastrophe in our communities! Poverty & greed being the biggest cause & it’s all around us.

Money comes and goes but a legacy lasts forever! Let’s make a change by being that change!

Give it a watch and tell us what your think below. Maybe the video is too heavy for music or this is the kind of message we need to see and hear.

Listen to R.I.C.H EP below

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