Guvna B releases ‘Everyday’ taken from his highly anticipated album for April 2018.

Guvna B releases ‘Everyday’ single from April 2018 Album

It’s been 18 months since Guvna B last released music and he’s chosen to make a comeback with something real and honest.

Real and honest for sure, with a first glimpse at the single artwork, (that I like, there’s something about simplicity that is so compelling) was the watch on the front. Once I clicked play on the video, I could see that there was an immediate link to the significance of the watch. As you see him hold it while sharing his thoughts and feelings on the departure of his father.

He states:

The past few months have taught me that it’s easy to have faith when things are going well but the real challenge is hanging in there when things are really difficult. That’s the inspiration behind my new single.

Everyday is a point-blank declaration to those who think Guvna only has faith because he’s having a “good time” or “things are going well for him”, need to hear this song. He praises God in the hard times too. From his passionate bars, that not only say how he’s struggled, but how far he’s come, something that really defines you as a believer.

Faith that isn’t tested, can be questioned if its faith, God always tests your faith.

Seriously the vivid exposure into his life in the past extended months shows a side of Guvna B in 2017 that hits the chords with the ‘generation’ that cries out for ‘realness’. The beat is solid and relevant to the sounds, and the flow sharp.

Pending April 2018 album from the Secret World Artist, we’re looking forward to it.

New single ‘Everyday’ from Guvna B is out now!

Guvna B releases 'Everyday' single from 2018 Album

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