Hope Dealers … About Time! Hope On The Map!

Hope Dealers ... About Time! Hope On The Map!

About Time! Hope On The Map!

I think most of us knew the trajectory of Hope Dealers over the years has been well informed and I if so, well planned out.

These Young Men Of God, with balays on a crepts looking like your neighborhood ‘avoid them guys’ have caused a stir; both unintentionally and intentionally with their music & community work and ended up performing live for the NFTR showcase!

Most recently, Spac Nation of Which these emcees are part of caused a stir with some rightly puzzled, some intrigued, some calling them a ‘cult’ with the recent series of bad PR & accusations of drug invested offerings.

BUT some thought different: catching the attention of BBC & Government agencies.

Watch the Recent BBC Documentary that focussed on Space Nation

NFTR LIVE  hosted its Live Show where the Hope Dealers brought hope to the map!

Take a look at Hope Dealers @hopedealersuk

“Jump In The Boat Or Stay Drowning”

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