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Part.One of an in-depth ‘How-to’ / step by step guide on developing and managing your stage or digital launch.

  • Review the purpose of launch
  • Developing your stage launch
  • Preparing digital launch.
  • Enhancing sales and value

INfocus are in-depth webinars that equip and train Artists and Music Business personnel. Providing, ‘How-to’ or step by step guide on various subjects that directly impact music Creatives.

INtoACTION Webinars goes deeper in 2018 !  

Afaron Gordon

Afaron Gordon

Audrey Gary

Audrey Gary

JOIN AUDREY GRAY (Founder and Owner at AG Consultancy) & AFARON GORDON (Creative Development Director at AfaronGordonMedia Ltd) IN THE LIVE ROOM!

Tuesday, 27th February 2018 at 9:00PM GMT

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