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Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol. 2 :: DOWNLOAD FREE NOW!!

Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol. 2 :: DOWNLOAD FREE NOW!!

Released: 18th August 2017
Hosted by: J Skills – @J_Skills94

Mores selected tunes that’s good for your soul, bars, beats and wordplay. Subjects that build up your spirit. Pump this from your headphones to car speakers.

Kingdom Culture Mixtape Volume 2

Download the Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol 2. Christian MC’s from around the globe sharing their musical fragrance for the King of kings. Un-heard talent with passionate messages and direct sounds.

Plug in and jam to the likes of Dwayne Tryumf, Medi Kay, Reblah, Minister Taf, Feed’Em, Menz and many more.

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1. Lord Willing (ft. Melvillous)Corban – @Melvillous
2. Voici La Fin [This is the End] (ft. Sandra Mbuyi)Medi Kay@ItsMediKay
3. Rise Up – Anon@Just_Anon_UK
4. Left Behind (ft. Ian Copeland Green)Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumf
5. Choices – Kapes@SubvertedKapers
6. Breakthrough – Nina Cross@NinaCrossFire
7. Fashionista – Unique Creation@YawehUnique
8. Hope of Glory (ft. T.O.M.S)Menz @MenzMusic94
9. Kingdom Sauce – Prince Ikee@Ikeestyle
10. Nah Beg Dem Nutten – Minister Taf@MinisterTaf
11. Game Over – Eli’sha@Eli_shaLloyd
12. Christian – InderPaul Sandhu@InderPaulSandhu
13. Tragedy – Reblah@Reblah_Artist
14. Higher Than Most – Feed ‘Em@FeedEm_All
15. They Talk A Lot – Brian Wade IP@BrianWadeIP
16. Therapy – Roman4Christ
17. Last Days – Cerose @CeroseLondonEnt
18. Ungodly London – MANE@Mane_Ai
19. Obedient Rebel – PVTH@Path4Reals
20. Through It All (ft. J. Renaye)Jimmie Hustle @Jimmie_Hustle

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