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Melvillous address the Ends with ‘Trap Or Lie’ visuals from ‘Local’ EP


Melvillous address the Ends with ‘Trap Or Lie’ visuals from ‘Local’ EP

Unlike what would be expected in current climate, Melvillous addresses the trend that has risen in hip hop and the lifestyle that it portrays in ‘Trap Or Lie’.

The video opens with Melvillous facing a mirror, in a close up shot indicating a personal involvement in the words he speaks.

Over a sombre, piano beat written in a conservative tone with many doses of wisdom as he expresses his thought and experiences.

…Fake trappers turned rappers I can tell, its kind of bait you didn’t paint your image well…

Melvillous address the Ends with 'Trap Or Lie' visuals from 'Local' EP

As much as the video is aimed at those that may be tempted to live the lifestyle that is portrayed in music video, clearly we see he’s a voice that is speaking out about the atrocities and evil in our streets. From parenting issues all around to cultural influences, especially the music that artist’s make promoting violence and them sorts.

Which some how produce these young hearts towards violence, murder and prison. Melvillous uses his platform to PROVOKE reaction.

He raps about the fear of trapper coming out of their house, while sitting in a room, rather closed off. He is representing somewhat the fear and anxiety to what those who are really involved in it feel.

An insight to those alienated from that lifestyle and others who may know someone from the face value but may not know what goes on behind closed doors.

Melvillous gives us a sombre in-look to the REALITIES of the ends when the sun goes down!

…To the madam pushing gear, I cant cheer you on cause I don’t condone it but I hear you don…

The video stays focused on Melvillous as he speaks to his peers and of the situation he’s grown up around. ‘Trap or Lie’ is a personal and intimate song reflected in black and white: with the only other visual difference being the police lights and a man picking up a knife, which gets the true point across with this song.

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This track ‘Trap or Lie’ is taken from Local EP

The highly anticipated EP "LOCAL" from Melvillous is Out Now to stream & download.
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