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KingCast : EP1 Podcast – “InderPaul Sandhu & Marj Diamond”

KingCast : EP1 Podcast – “InderPaul Sandhu & Marj Diamond”


On this episode of KingCast Podcast, we explore two Christian Music artists “InderPaul Sandhu” who has been creating waves with his music and releases. But what with his past and testimony? In the same episode, we meet up with “Marj Diamond” the spoken word artist who paints music with her words. A talented artist who has a testimony to share and encourage.

Marj Diamond SnapShots

  • Diamond in the Dirt EP is literally my trials and tribulations.
  • I don’t just wanna say “oh I’ve went through this, I’ve went through this”, it’s not about sharing what I’ve gone through, but in terms of what has God done in the midst of that trial and the outcome of it, that is the whole purpose of the EP.
  • God has helped me be true to myself and not to be ashamed of where I have come from. To not shy away from what I’ve been through, He’s chiseled and pruned me, bottom line he’s helped me grow.
  • God is the Creator and He’s so creative, and I feel I need to tap into that more. One time I was like God here is the pen, direct me what should I write about… I think it’s because Ii welcomed him into my craft.
  • My goal is not to entertain your soul, I want to encourage impact and convict you.

InderPaul Sandhu Snapshots

  • I Wanted to Create an anthem for Christian with “Ring”
  • I want to smash the ‘WEAK’ Christian stereotype
  • My next project is going to be “Blue Mist” (You heard it here first)
  • Somebodies deliverance is on the back of your obedience.

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