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REVIEW: Have you heard artist Marc Jones debut track ‘Alright’?


Have you heard artist Marc Jones debut track ‘Alright’?

Opening with a trap music style introduction- Alright by Marc Jones features some pretty heavy flows. He delivers confidently matching the standard of Cerose and Melvillious. The beat will have you bopping along, but I found it somewhat flat musically and lacking variety. This will sound better live in front of an audience…. With a heavy sound system! So turn this one up for the full effect!

Content-wise, Jones  gives insight into his life and you will feel like you’re getting to know him. Themes within the track include money, performance and the standard testimonial content.

The structure of the Alright is good. I appreciate the way the single was put together. In the days after first listening; the chorus would pop in my head causing me to sing along without realising. Having a memorable chorus is always a bonus!

Alright is Marc’s debut track

I had to listen to it more than once to really capture the “positive” Christian message and content. Some have spoken about Lecrae and how the “Christian element” of his music is somewhat diluted compared to what it was a few years ago. To an extent the same could be said about this track – but  there is a definite air of dignity and grace in how the artist presents himself and delivers and there is no doubt of his faith.

I  like the track  for is positive nature and the fact its upbeat. On a personal level, it’s not 100% for me. However, there is a definite opportunity for outreach here. Regardless, the 3.3 minute track  produced by Sono Emvy is well crafted. I’ll happily add Alright to  my playlist and am excited to hear more from Mark Jones in the future.

Get ‘Alright’ now on all major stores.

Rachel’s Rating: 3/5

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