Submission Procedures & Terms

Submission Policy & Procedures

Submission Procedures for Kingdom Culture Mixtapes

1.         Artists may submit music to us to be considered for various promotional oppportunties through the Kingdom Culture Mixtape.

2.         Artists must agree to receive email updates from Kingdom Culture and partners regarding their submissions and other future offers.

3.         Voting on submissions is powered by a sincere listening panel of producers, artist & indivuals who carefully listen to each track and we choose the most selected track to be used.

4.         Accepted submissions will also receive placement on the soundcloud audio page and onto our site for streaming and public comments.

5.         Members of the Kingdom Culture Management/Listening team will listen to all “Featured Submissions” and all submissions, and vote on which track should be featured.

6.         Selections for placement will be made at the sole discretion of Kingdom Culture and its employees, but consideration will be given to a number of factors, including votes, plays, and comments.

7.         All artists who provide submissions that are not accepted to be featured on the current mixtape are more than welcome to re-submit more music.


Submission Policy

1.         By submitting content to us, you consent and agree to be bound by each and every term and condition outlined herein.

2.         By submitting content to us, you represent and warrant that you possess or legally control all rights in and to the submission, including, but not limited to, copyrights in the sound recording, the performances and musical compositions embodied thereon, and any other selections, materials, ideas, and intellectual property contained therein, and that your submission of such, and any authorized use thereof by us or our grantees, licensees, or assigns, will not violate or infringe upon the common law or statutory right of any individual or entity, including, but not limited to, contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of privacy and publicity.

3.         You will retain ownership of your submission, but in submitting, you grant Kingdom Culture a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, worldwide right and license to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, synchronize with visual images, reformat, translate, excerpt, transmit, distribute, and prepare derivative works thereof, in any media or format now known or hereafter developed, the content submitted for promotional purposes in connection with our site and official Kingdom Culture products.

4.         In submitting, you also grant Kingdom Culture a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, worldwide right and license to use your name, likeness, and biographic information, as well as any related trademarks, provided by you in connection with your submission for promotional purposes related to our site and official Kingdom Culture products.

5.         You acknowledge and agree that you have granted each and every right and license described above to Kingdom Culture for the good and valuable consideration of having your submission considered for inclusion on an official Kingdom Culture product, having your submission made available for voting through the channels described in the Submission Procedures above. You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to any additional compensation, monetary or otherwise, from Kingdom Culture and our grantees, licensees, and assigns, in exchange for the grant of rights herein.

6.         You acknowledge and agree that Kingdom Culture has the sole and absolute discretion to select submissions for inclusion on any and all official Kingdom Culture Mixtapes and that there is no guarantee that your submission will be included on an official Kingdom Culture product.

7.         Kingdom Culture reserves the right to remove submissions in its discretion at any time, including, but not limited to, any submission which contains obscene or defamatory content, infringes upon the right of a third party, contains any form of child exploitation, or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law or regulation.

8.         You acknowledge and agree that neither our acceptance of any submission nor our inclusion of a submission on an Kingdom Culture product shall constitute a waiver of any of your representations, warranties, or agreements hereunder, and you agree to indemnify Kingdom Culture and hold us harmless against any damages, costs, and fees, including attorneys’ fees, which we incur in any claim, suit, litigation, or proceeding arising out of any breach or claimed breach by you of any covenant, warranty, or representation made by you herein.

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