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S.O – “Fall” (Video) Taken from Latest Album

S.O – “Fall” (Video) Taken from Latest Album
Fall is the fourth single off of S.O.’s latest project “These Things Take Time” With depth and introspection, he pours out his heart on a myriad of topics.

He speaks about humility and the draw and enticements of this life. He touches some nerves (which Christian Rappers are supposed to do), with his song “Fall”. Boldly states how imperfect he is, but how he holds to the Lord for help.

Presha J – Resurgence ft. Triple O (Freestyle)

Presha J who brought us ‘Hands In The Air’ drops a bomb with this track ‘Resurgence’, lyrical content, flow and the tune is hitting hard on each bar. It shows not only the good talent that is out here in the UK but also… Bold MC’s that are ready to stand up for Jesus. They speak about challenging those who mock thier God. It resonates with the listener and sparks controversy, perhaps a good topic for discussion, maybe another time.

Grime MC Presha J, hot off the back of his smash freestyle ‘Round 2’ with fellow MC A Star has returned with another back to back; this time with MOBO Award winning artist Triple O.

Fuego Boyz Freestyle + Living For Music

Fuego Boyz Freestyle + Living For track available to stream via soundcloud.

Fuego boyz is a group of energetic young men that have a passion for music and ministry. Rooted in their faith and influenced by urban culture, they have built an incredible catalog of music. Additionally, The Fuego Boyz regularly travel around nationwide and internationally with positive music bringing love, hope and positive vibes to all individuals, encouraging their generation to be focused and positive.