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InderPaul Sandhu releases front cover for “Money Ain’t A Thing”

InderPaul Sandhu releases front cover for “Money Ain’t A Thing”

We are not sure what this cover is supposed to depict, but its good to see InderPaul Sandhu on the horizon with new material. After his debut EP #iPaulEP the scene took a healthy shake up of grit and new talent combined. So whats with the cover? I personally like it, it has a nuance about it, it doesn’t fit the title “Money Ain’t a Thing” from my perspective, but provokes questioning into what this release is about. I think he went along the route of something abstract and subtle, with a touch of retro.

We are looking forward to this single and the next release lined up.


#iPaulEP features six tracks and is heavy on the grime and harsh rap. Although this genre is (sometimes) considered too much for the Christian music scene  – I believe that #iPaulEP is actually relevant and appropriate for the urban youth of today.

One exception of this is the track “I am not” which is a lot more relaxed and chilled. It features guitar  – that I assume is performed by the artist himself and demonstrates InderPaul Sandhu’s vocal ability. This track would sound awesome live in the comfort of an intimate venue with a small audience. It’s a nice song and although repetitive, provides an avenue to worship. However, the constant change from slow, calm verse to sped up chorus is somewhat disjointed – but it does make a nice change from the rest of the album.