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Cerose is very matter of fact and straight to the point in his mixtape; Messiah Music – which is so refreshing. There’s no sugar coating or beating around the bush. He makes bold statements and presents the Christian perspective and viewpoint on controversial yet relevant issues such as homosexuality, promiscuity, the pressure to adhere to “societal norms” that may not be in line with

Mixtape Review: "Messiah Music" from Cerose

Mixtape Review: “You Can Know The Half” from Feed ‘Em

Mixtape Review: "You Can Know The Half" from Feed 'Em

What struck me most about the mixtape was the 100% reverence to the Lord  Rap Focused  Track 5 – My Story (God’s Glory) is the finest demonstration of the artist’s intent!  If you’re going through something Feed ‘Em‘s concepts, approach and depth will have you inspired and feeling blessed.  Track #7 is the shortest at just over 2 minutes and is almost like the interval act of the album with an honest rap-orientated outpouring. The whole project is personal/testimonial without being too heavy whilst the rap is assorted beautifully with vocals, stunning instrumentals and sampling to create an encouraging, memorable and fun bunch of tracks.