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Melvillous brings us his latest track and visuals ‘Legacy’ packed with lyrical content that will have you listen to this track again and again to gather what he has artistically placed inside his bars. With one of the most prominent flows in the scene, he does not dissapoint with this number.

…I don’t care about no postcode, I am no sat nav, I don’t care about road…


Feed ‘Em and King Jims, UK Christian Rappers team up on this special project “Get To Know”. Without hesitation to show their intent and inspire listeners to a knowledge that many don’t know about. King Jims with his most recognisable flow and Feed ‘Em’s wordplay will get your mind pacing about the truth that these artists are spitting about.

“…when he comes back, this bread is just crumbs, toasted Hovis…”

LikeMikes releases new single “Gold Status” from upcoming album

‘Gold Status’ taken from LikeMikes upcoming album “City of Gold” was okay. The title suited the track but  I found it slightly outdated. This could be down to the backing track, general style or personal taste.

LikeMikes releases new single "Gold Status" from upcoming album
LikeMikes releases new single “Gold Status”

However the fact the track goes deep in the aspects of Christianity and Spirituality (both good and bad)  – something that most people (artists and Christian folk alike) seem to overlook makes for a nice change in theme and provides insight many may not have been exposed to through a rap song.

Melvillous talks Music, Faith, Success and the Past & Future

Melvillous talks Music, Faith, Success and the Past & Future

When KCMix caught up with #UKCR Artist Melvillous we got a snaposhot into his intriguing mind. Rapping from the age of 10, Grime, Rap and Hip Hop was his perfect expression form, which he could get out all his aggression, rage and gripes with the world. He said “I’ve always been a conscious mind, when I came to the faith around 14/15 years old.”

Music is in my blood, I have always grown up around it.