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REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

A genuine sense of sadness hit me after I finished listening to this EP as I really enjoyed listening to it.

The 6 track EP entitled “Local” is mostly about the life the artist experienced before he became a Christian compared to the way things are in the present day. In the words of Jahaziel; it’s clear “God’s done blessed his (Mevillious’s) skill” because the amount of thought, effort, detail and rhetoric that has gone into essentially every track is formidable!


Tneek – R.I.C.H EP Review

The best way to describe this album is ‘anointing covered rave-style music’. Initially I was caught off guard because the style of music used isn’t usually found in music under the Christian genre. However it’s exceedingly refreshing to see a female Christian rapper create a niche style for herself – making her music stand out from the (still) somewhat male dominated genre.

The intro track is somewhat of a mission statement. Although self righteous in parts it ultimately gives reverence and acknowledgement to God.

JoJoey – Say A Prayer For Me (Music Video)

JoJoey – Say A Prayer For Me (Music Video)

JoJoey brings the real truth about the struggle in the ‘endz’, talking about his  struggle on the roads and how he used to live that life and knew the pressures of living life with the impending feeling of death, to the point where he was in so much danger; he never knew who he could trust, he had

“a bounty on his head”

EP Review: “Prodigal Son Duo EP.1” from Skye

Prodigal Son Duo EP.1" from Skye

The best thing about the EP is the fact it’s so refreshing. From the testimonial insight given – specifically in Action Speaks and Made It – it’s clear that Skye is a relatively new Christian. As a result; The fire and passion conveyed stating his wish to not only change himself but the world is amazing and something that tends to subside when a person’s walk with the Lord matures.