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Tneek – R.I.C.H EP Review – ‘anointing covered rave-style music’ Do You Agree?

Tneek – R.I.C.H EP Review

The best way to describe this album is ‘anointing covered rave-style music’. Initially I was caught off guard because the style of music used isn’t usually found in music under the Christian genre. However it’s exceedingly refreshing to see a female Christian rapper create a niche style for herself – making her music stand out from the (still) somewhat male dominated genre.

The intro track is somewhat of a mission statement. Although self righteous in parts it ultimately gives reverence and acknowledgement to God.

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TNEEK “Level Up” Video + EP Talk

TNEEK Quotes herself as the “LDN Femcee“, and she smashes the social stereotypes of a black female completely with this profound track “Level Up”. She draws a comparison to her past struggles with anger and how she would react, in contrast, to how she now does with God giving her spirit the strength.

Our LIKE Lyric ” They don’t understand how I turn the other cheek, but it’s possible because He stays strong when I’m weak.”

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