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10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018

2017 is firmly done, the extra Christmas weight is being worked off, GYM goals, the year feels natural and no longer putting 2017 when writing the date.

So going on last year and our exposure to the scene in the UK via research, shows, submissions and releases we’ve put together a, by no way exhaustive list of 10 UK Christian Rappers to look out for in 2018. Some you may have never heard of, some who will probably be more recognised to the ear, but all are on this list for different reasons.

Triple O – Started Again (Music Video) #ZNETO

Mobo Award winning Artist Triple O is back, and on his next release he talks about struggling with sin, and how the Grace that Jesus brought/brings can pick you up from a dark place and restore you. It’s encouraging to see the life surge through this track as he pinpoints the struggles he has faced on this fast paced track. Triple O doesn’t disappoint with the delivery and accuracy on this tune. Another stamp for the #UKCR Scene. We applaud his boldness and resonate with the conviction he raps;

Triple O Started Again CD Cover on KCMix.com
Started Again – Available at all major online stores

Lyric Spot
“You will never leave me, nor forsake me So I rate thee”
“So Your gonna help me breath”
“Tell em again, tell em again – Jesus wins ”

Presha J – Resurgence ft. Triple O (Freestyle)

Presha J who brought us ‘Hands In The Air’ drops a bomb with this track ‘Resurgence’, lyrical content, flow and the tune is hitting hard on each bar. It shows not only the good talent that is out here in the UK but also… Bold MC’s that are ready to stand up for Jesus. They speak about challenging those who mock thier God. It resonates with the listener and sparks controversy, perhaps a good topic for discussion, maybe another time.

Grime MC Presha J, hot off the back of his smash freestyle ‘Round 2’ with fellow MC A Star has returned with another back to back; this time with MOBO Award winning artist Triple O.