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WATCH: Leon Anthony – Bounce (ft. Dwayne Tryumf)


WATCH: Leon Anthony – Bounce (ft. Dwayne Tryumf)

BOUNCE is definitely a track I’d play to my non-Christian friends to show them that Christian rap is alive and well. On first hearing my old super religious head popped up and asked all the typical questions.

Is the beat ‘worldly’? Is it really spreading the gospel? Is the video promoting the Prince of Peace? Is it just the beat that’s catchy?

After the third listen to the song those questions were buried under the sand.

What I liked about BOUNCE was just that, the beat! It’s something I can dance to, come live too, feel active too which is important as a Christian to remember were still allowed to do that to music!

Dancing has been around since the days David danced until his skirt fell off 2 Samuel 6:14 now, if he can dance that much so can we and this is that kind of track. But it’s when you get past the beat that you really start to love the track as a Christian.

Leon is talking about his life, his faith and our God in a way that is relatable. The fast paced word aren’t too fast to fulfil our mandate of spreading the gospel of Christ.

You might catch your self-doing a little bounce to this one and getting completely lost in the beat but when you catch the words you’ll feel encouraged in your walk.

If that’s not a sign of a great Christian rap track then what is!

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