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10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018

2017 is firmly done, the extra Christmas weight is being worked off, GYM goals, the year feels natural and no longer putting 2017 when writing the date.

So going on last year and our exposure to the scene in the UK via research, shows, submissions and releases we’ve put together a, by no way exhaustive list of 10 UK Christian Rappers to look out for in 2018. Some you may have never heard of, some who will probably be more recognised to the ear, but all are on this list for different reasons.

The scenes taken some battering over the past two decades, hopefully this will shed some light on the good music and artistry that has been punching hard in 2017.

Lets kick start 2018 with something that will connect you with the UK Christian Rap scene further.

In no particular order…

  • Guvna B – The UKCR veteran dropped the single ‘Everyday’ late last year, which felt like a taster of what the rapper has in the pipeline. A 4th Studio album is on the horizon and if the single is anything to go by, there will be a different approach and probably energy that we will get from Guvna.The hardships of life and tests which he states in is latest single will produce something that not many will have heard from the two time MOBO Award winner. Toured with Matt Redman,soon with Rend Collective and burst through the 1,000,000 views mark on YouTube. Championing the scene for way back when!


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Cerose – After the release of the hard-hitting Maranatha EP & Messiah Music Mixtape, we’ve heard through the grapevine that the Millennium Reign maker will be releasing another project soon.Unrivalled in explicit biblical content with graphic relevant topics to today’s culture. Similar to US Rapper Bizzle. Cerose is far from done and we can only anticipate what will come next after so much to listen to with his last projects. A firm feature on many other United Empire artists tracks.


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Tneek – The female rapper who has been on the scene for more than a few minutes. Last year released her long anticipated E.P R.I.C.H which became a firm favourite once released.Talking about her journey, struggles as a woman with a clear direction to esteem and virtue. The production level of how it was put together really shows the passion and professionalism of the UK Rapper. Tneek’s raw delivery and passionate flow and wordplay puts her right up on this list. Music videos prepped, an artist that is always working towards new material. Watch out!


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Melvillous – Unsurprisingly this Vet needs no introduction, amassing well over 1,000,000 views across all of his major videos online, via SBTV, shows the talent and prowess of this artist.Humble to talk to and direct in delivery of his personal journey. After the release of Break My Heart single and video you could sense a big anticipation from supporters for the London artist to drop more. His EP ‘Local’ peaking at 20 on the Rap/HipHop Apple charts and a constant working with the talented professionals at SB:TV… He is just getting started. What’s next? . . . connect with him and see.


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Kingdom Rapper – The Rapper from Northampton UK has shown a resilience to his craft that has been evident in the deliverance of his music and personality online.With the release of his 3rd project ‘Kingdom Culture LP’ K Raps style and delivery highlights the eclectic nature of the UKCR Scene. Started in 2015 and has good quality releases and performances under his belt, he is sure a one to watch for 2018.


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018InderPaul Sandhu – The BBC London Track of the Month artist started the year with #iPaulEP which was ‘everywhere’. Good videos attached to most of the songs and a genuine passion for good content.However it was till he explored the realms of a singing-vocalisation that brought about over 20,000+ views on ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ video and thousands of streams on Spotify. The blend of rap and singing, he does so well. Lyrically talented, with a raw flow that, with a soft singing voice, can really be something to look forward to in 2018. New videos to come and the quirky artist will sure have some surprises.


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Means – The Hope Dealers rapper has been consistent with releasing videos and music that has never disappointed lyrically. It feels as though there is a solo project pending for him, there’s such quality and depth in his lyricism, just check out ‘Prayer’ a track you will repeat. Even the freestyle he drops, hard!Winning the Urban Music Award for Best Gospel shows how he and Hope Dealers have set down a high level of music that leaves much to expect. 2018 is going to be a big year for Means!


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Triple O – the MOBO Award winner and #ZNETO (Zero Not Equal To One) album maker showcased such a dramatic comeback with the simply brilliant video Started Again.There was no doubt (I’m sure) in Triple’s mind that it was going to be a big release, and it was. Nominated for the MOBO’s 2017, going up against top gospel acts. It seems as though the passion is burning hotter than ever since his entrance into the scene in 2005. An electric performer, with a lot left in the tank. What’s next?


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018Reblah – When Reblah released ‘Back to Glory’ album, we saw a poetic side of Reblah come out, his struggle and fights in a artistic way be portrayed in music, he has gone from strength to strength.Releasing a new track and visual every other month and maintaining that flow and melody that he has come so well to be known for. Defiantly one to watch for 2018.


  • 10 Ones To Watch UKCR Artists in 2018A Star – With his iconic releases at the start of every year since 2016, we are somewhat becoming accustomed to the talented Christian Grime artist giving us a sample of his wordplay and hard flow. But its great to hear after the Revolution EP entered Britain’s Official Christian & Gospel Album Chart at number four. Issued independently, ‘Revolutionary’ is the only album in that chart’s top 10 which wasn’t a worship project, and getting married, there must be a deep hunger inside A Star to drop something soon after some time.He’s said there is an album coming this year. With accompanied visuals? Who features? When is it dropping?

These are the ones to watch for 2018 . . . Do you agree? Have we missed anyone out, comment below.

Connect with the artists above and follow their 2018 journey as it will sure be an exciting one, bars, lyricism,content & quality the likes you will find on Kingdom Culture in 2018.

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