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5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

We are surrounded by them constantly, the worlds current affairs are channeled through them consistently, I would go as far as to say, social media is an integral part of media, brands and musicians connecting with the wider and local audience.

So why do so many music artists, from all stages lack connectivity and visual consistency.

There are many reasons, however we are going to give you 5 steps to improving your social media visual feel, with the outcome of improving how your audience sees your music, brand and quality.

You may be at step 3 already, or leading up to step 1, whichever, take these steps to help improve your brand.

1. Choose which social media site benefits your music.

5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

As musicians there are many outlets for your music online, from Spotify to YouTube and even TuneCore to NoiseTrade. However this step is about efficiency… ‘organised effort’. If you have too many sites, it can become quite hard to keep track of them all.

So we list the ones you should sign up with to the current musical climate.

  • Facebook Page – Facebook is connected to a mass audience and will allow you to track insights, post videos and pictures with a seemless link with Instagram (same company).
  • Twitter – A good artist to artist communication tool, real-time conversations and good to build up a support network.
  • Instagram – Visually unrivalled, images of your journey humanises the music and craft. A great way to promo your events and show the person behind the music. Consumers like to see with their eyes more so, than any other period before.
  • Soundcloud – Slighty underrated platform. Comments on your track, play count, advanced share capacity to other platforms and a generous upload limit for free.
  • YouTube – Music videos, interviews and other video productions go very well here. Work hard on subscriptions. A hard platform to work, but most generous.
  • TuneCore – Here you can get your music to iTunes & Google Play and other platforms for an affordable fee.
  • NoiseTrade – Here is the most advised place for free releases, you can get donations if you fans decide to and you get email addresses and post codes

We don’t discredit other sites, this articel is about efficiency. Allowing your fan base to interact with you from any medium of their choice. They may want all links, or prefer to stream your music free on Soundcloud. Whichever, provide them with the social profiles where they can interact with your content.

2. Use the same custom URL option for all your sites

5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

If you can, brainstorm a blend of your name with an easy to remember and unique URL. You need to have 100 subscribers on YouTube before you have a custom URL, (decent incentive). However others are more generous.

For example if your artist name is “Braveheart” you might not get the URL (facebook.com/braveheart) on other social media sites. I would advise using some additions to it. I would go for “Its_Braveheart” or “Braveheart_Music” or even slicing “BraveH”, you can play with it. The idea is to have the same handle for each site. So when it comes to promotion, it will simply be “Google BraveH and you’ll find me”.

Make sure you test all sites custom URL section before you submit, some don’t allow for change. It’s all about making it easy for your supporters to find you.

3. Continuity in cover designs

5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

Get a continuous design for all platforms. Different dimensions are for different sites. This is the area at the top where you can place a photo. Your or your designer should get these templates from online to allow for maximum professionalism. Taking into mind all social media sites are responsive. So the design would need to fit mobile screens as well, so do go overboard with the design, be clever.

A professional or quality photo with quality logo really goes a long way. It sets up a good mindset in consumers when they see quality design in front of them, trust and curiosity swells and could gain you a new supporter, or even a branch into merchandise.

If you have a release coming up, available music or general banner design, get the right designs ready for when you’ll need them. Prep is the key!

4. Get interesting, get diverse!

Don’t only post about your music, yes I know it’s a great release and you’ve worked hard on it, that’s all good, but that can spoil your timeline.

An over saturation of the same product can be frustrating for your more diligent fan base. Spread out posts, like ‘scheduling posts’ in Facebook, which is a great feature. Post different things, whether it’s from the day you’ve had, release you’ve got out, other music your listening to or even a throwback track or article… switch it up! You’ll see a much healthier response to your music.

5. Use insights

5 Steps to help your Music on Social Media

Use insights on the platforms that provide them, usually for free.

Find out who’s looking for you, age brackets, gender, location or even how they are interacting with your content. One of the biggest killers for music artists is the “Ignorance Gene!”.

Stats count! whether you like to accept it or not. Don’t get discouraged when they are low, keep promoting using the steps above to increase interaction to your music. Somebody out there has an ear for your sound, keep plugging and working hard on promoting it.

All of those platforms above are great ways of getting a large scope of your music career by just getting your social profiles in order.

If you have any questions comment below.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the business.


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Charles A Christian who enjoys business, writing, creativity, graphics and occasionally dabbles in making rap music. Avid supporter of the #CHH & #UKCHH. I have a beautiful wife, 2 kids and a family business. Founder of Kingdom Culture.