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Sometimes, as music artists, you make music for the sake of making music. You don’t put in the strategy or power to increase their release! You spend all your time in the studio, recording. You lock yourself away, you don’t want to get influenced by this person or that person, and when you come out of there the first thing you want to do is let everybody hear it.

However, if you haven’t got a strategy as to how that music gets played, whom to give it to.

Why do you make music?

You need a plot. The plot of the song, or a plot of the album this will help you stick to a certain course which will, in turn, give you more clarity to what choices to make and people to reach out to.

Ivor Etienne says;

I’ve seen people say “look, I’m going to give you four songs and you play the best one”. Now, I can play one of them that you might not even have wanted me to. You might think “I don’t think it’s that good”, But yeah, I think it matches my station.

You need to listen to the station or platform you submit to before send your material. Do the groundwork and respect each platform individually. Ivor goes on to explain; “They just kind of give it to somebody and just expect them to just put your song in there… No… they’re not going to do that.”

As an artist, what do you do?

If you’ve recorded 10 or 12 songs, you are only going to release 3 or 4, because you only want to release the others to be a part of an album. Even singles need to apply to the same process of diligence.

Plant that record, you’re going to have to go out there at all the interviews, all the appearances until you get sick of hearing that record. Exasperate the music, make it run the full length of its tenure. Don’t rush onto the next project, push the boundaries and see how much you can get out of each release.

Otherwise, what have you gone into the studio to do? The money spent, the time to write and perfect. What has it been for?

So just have that plot in mind, have that kind of strategy in mind, when you’re putting that record out there.



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