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About Us

Kingdom Culture was founded by Charles Celestin on January 10th 2017 with the joint purpose of showcasing the Christian rap scene and uniting it. In the process we have become the #1 place to find out about this scene (#UKCR – United kingdom Christian Rap) which has been alive since 2001. With influences like pioneer G.I.F.T.E.D, US rap group Cross Movement, Guvna B, WariYah, Dwayne Tryumf, Jahaziel and many more who have been building; some silently and others more vocally.

Charles saw the very birth of the scene way back in 2001 when his brother introduced him to Christian rap. Heavily influenced by the Hip-hop culture from america, the UK artists began to find their own unique style, flow and maintenance of the “UK Accent”. The journey has been a long one and it is the right time to push forward with this vision.

Over the years gone the scene has been hit with many obstacles and pitfalls, not many are standing from the greats of the past like GospelCypher.net or even the infamous Awake Records run by the late gospel music legend Lucas Langdon, who Charles worked with closely over the years.

Now we are here today to keep alive what God has started through many people in the faith, in the past who has seen a worth a value in “Rap music in the church.” We will make mistakes but are set to build by grace what God has put in us. With the help of volunteers and individuals we will put for with the vision.

We do this through posting news, reviewing music, educating artists, spreading awareness at events, putting on shows  and hosting the KC Mixtape in various volumes for artists to showcase their music free of charge.

With the combination of skills, faith, grace and partnerships, we take each day a step at a time; always willing to improve. Doing the basics, to a high standard, consistently!

Charles Celestin – Founder & Director

Your Church

Spreading awareness through the body is what we are aiming to do, you’ll see us pop up at festivals, shows and events. However your help and passion will get us further and wider than any one person could do.

We want to connect with you and supply these artist who work hard on their craft an promote the agenda of Jesus to your congregation. If this would be of interest to you, send us an email with your number and we will get back to you to discuss.


We are always open to partners and volunteers to help us grow, you can contact us with your desired skill or area you can add to. Contact us here.

UK Christian Rap Spotify Playlist