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We start off with Shadey’s sermon which has a vibe to it, a bop! A style and flavour that connects you the past releases from Still Shadey. The flow is tight and the metaphors on point, with a message to match.

Simple but effective production, clean which allows Shadey’s vocals to shine through to allow the message from this budding rapper.

There is a freestyle element to Shadey’s craft that allows for the listener to be taken on an unpredictable journey like on I will follow You, I would have like to of seen more from the raspy voice of Eikon, maybe more inclusion.

Eclectic and different forms of rap, from Spiritual Mode trap sounding deep basslines and 808’s. Not my most enjoyable track, as I do think trap has a monotone effect which is hard to get into, but that’s my view.

…In the secret place with dad, spiritual raps…

There’s an effortless vibe that Still Shadey has on Speak It which almost seems like he doesn’t put any work in. However, to the contrary, it’s his style he’s been working on since “The Light in Shade”.

He talks on his desire to keep moving forward and not going back to the life he used to live, a life in drugs, street life and other pressures.

Entering on Track 5 we get it in with Concercration which has news readers running behind the dark sounding consecration. I don’t feel like the track gets going but I can see where tracks like this can hit the deeper vibe of rap, with its g-funk synth.

Still Shadey is experimenting with different effects and structures which I do like at times, in others I would also like some expected structure. Self Respect talks to those trapped in the game of the needs, from the pretty girls, bad mans, single mums and baby dads. A voice shouting out to them all. A different sounding track, a vibe with that bassline.

…Man, I got beef with Sin…

G.A.N.G ft Namesbliss drops with a grime vibe with that rap flow, talking about the decisions he was making and having thoughts about where he could have ended up. This track brings out a tight flow, and a very nostalgic feeling to grimes early days. Good feature from Namesbliss

…I’m unashamed, you should be too…

This is Holy Spirit and caffeine Shadey drops logs of truth in Pavarotti, a track you will need to rewind again and again. Touching on the pain he’s been through and the reality of the industry he’s in, almost like an inner thoughts track which takes you into the mind off Shadey.

Motivate has a similar feel to Pavarotti, with an added warm bassline which adds more texture and feeling that the previous track. I do think the Chorus was not as atmospheric as I would have hoped, again Shadey’s deep vocals cover the simple production. Maybe the production is too simple on this track.

…I wanna progress but it’s a process…

Strong beat on In Control, really nice vocals from Asha Elia. I’ve been waiting for a track like this something different. Shadey exercises his singing voice along with Asha, a really good blend between them both.

A switch up between rapping and singing. A track that really speaks out the relationship he expresses with God, an intimate track. Oily brings up the tempo, rightfully named, actually, I would go as far to say that’s how I would describe the flow of Shadey on tracks like this, similar to his track Victory off Still Shining. Reggae vibe on this number. a world full of opinions its hard to be yourself…

Cry Sometimes featuring Sharelle McCalla has us drawing back into the mind of Shadey, has a prayer vibe to it. A heartfelt song about his fears and concerns about his family and the drama he caused for them.

…what am I suppose to do when the sun doesn’t shine…

Rainbow featuring Naje Busia comes in with a guitar vibe that sends you into a different place, usually Shady has keys behind him. Adding to the difference he promised on this album. Vocals from Naje really brings brightness to the track which encompasses the heart of this track I feel.

A song about faith in God and trusting in him through thick and thin, ups and downs. Look Inside talks about his desire to serve God and the change that’s happened inside of him.

Never Enough featuring CalledOut Music has a laid back vibe to it which feels like a summers day, strong vocals from CalledOut Music which adds a different flow to the track.  Chapter 23 seems like its to do with the 23 years he’s been living, the odds seem to be stacked against Shadey and he rightfully ends the album with a heartfelt talk.

…No Salary but I’ve been put on commission…

Hasta la Vista is the final track, you should go check it out and buy!


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