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Anon’s Free EP “Am I Enough?” over 8.5k


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Anons’s free EP “Am I Enough?” over 8.5k seems to have the listenersYou know when you hear music and it offers you enjoyment and a sense of passion and craft? This happens when you listen to Anon’s new E.P project “Am I Enough?”. With over 8,500 thousand listens, you can see why this E.P has a good listening effect. Coming from Essex in the UK showcases mindful lyrics and heavy hits on the music. Anon has his track featured on the Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol.1 “Am I Enough”.

Our highlight track: Thankful (ft. Mister Lee)

Download Am I Enough EP free from here

The track Thankful has a really powerful ring to it which reminds us to be thankful, ft Mister Lee, showcases Anon’s flow and deep thankfulness to God for how many times God has answered his prayers and his strength to his weakness.

A bit more about Anon:

By the age of 14 I was already working my way deeper into a life of drink, drugs, gangster rap and the paper-chase. By 16 I was between hostels, sofa’s and bus stops making worse decisions by the day all in the persuit of pounds. I spent years sinking deeper into this way of life with no sign of exiting any time soon – after all I was making money and a name for myself, and thats all that matters… Right?

I was quickly proven wrong by the Lord in all His splendor – late in 2011 I was saved from the wreckage I had created of myself and made anew in the grace of Christ.

Watch his video below:

Connect with Anon:

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