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My name is Cassandra and I believe in spreading positivity through the gifts we were granted. Ever since I was a child I always knew doing something creative with my life was a calling, a purpose, a God given mission to fulfil.I love to write, speak, encourage, produce videos, create comedy and live out my purpose, giving back to this wonderful universe.

Cavell drops B.A.M.N Music Video

Cavell drops B.A.M.N Music Video

Mancunian (from Manchester, UK) Christian rapper Cavell has produced a catchy cracker here.

Watch: J Vessel – DREAMS

Watch: J Vessel – DREAMS

What initially struck me with J Vessel – DREAMS was the video. Upon first watching it I wasn’t sure what the relevance of the homeless lady was. The track itself only mentioned giving to the poor once, so my mind was pondering on how it’d all tie together.

Watch: Happi – Southside (Music Video)

Happi – Southside

This track from Christian Artist Happi – Southside is a track I have a lot to say on for many different reasons. Let’s start with the ‘controversial’…


BOUNCE is definitely a track I’d play to my non-Christian friends to show them that Christian rap is alive and well. On first hearing my old super religious head popped up and asked all the typical questions.

Should Christians Party? A first-hand review!

When you think of clubbing, what do you think of?

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