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When I was first asked to write about balancing life and ministry my immediate reaction was: “Umm…. no.”

I love to share my experiences and perspectives but did not feel qualified for this topic. The fact is living a “balanced life” is a perpetual challenge I have, and have had… for years.

Even to write this much took four attempts!

This is the season I’m in.


Who Am I?

I am a full time, single working mother of two beautiful, very active children. I love the challenges and rewards of both motherhood AND my job outside the home.

There are always bills to pay, appointments to keep, a home to clean and meals to make. However, being passionate about worship, writing, and anything to do with children or outreach. Also cherishing time with family and friends means I sometimes feel divided on how to spend my time.

There are TONS of things I want to fit into my day!

I look after my kids!
Help organize events!
Serve on the worship team!
Plan catch-ups with friends!
Take every opportunity I can to use my gifts and talents to live out my God-given purpose!

Basically, I try to do it all!


Spiritually Suffocated

Having come from a spiritually suffocating season I am more appreciative of the contentment and freedom I have found in a busy, full (but also very fulfilling) life.

Having said that, there are only 24 hours in a day.

I often contemplate how I can develop and maintain a better balance between life and ministry. The truth is… I don’t really have it at the moment. I want to raise my children well. Be a good employee. Serve at my church. Have a clean house. Encourage people.

I want to be actively involved and invested in the lives of those around me AND experience everything life in Christ has to offer….

But, more than ALL those things,
I want to be in the will of God and
fulfil every purpose He created me for.


My Life, My Ministry

Right now, I function on very little sleep. Juggling lots of responsibilities, commitments, and “passion” projects in a season where I have limited resources (or support) to complete them all. I’ve tried to keep a balance between life and ministry, but writing this I’ve realised there is not much difference between the two. This is my life. And my life is my ministry.

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

This is what I live by. In constant prayer about WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and WHO to do it with.


Right Choice for the Right Time

Sometimes I leave my house a mess and make time for a friend, or give up a couple of hours sleep so I can work on details of an event. Other times I get out to enjoy the sunshine with my kids rather than grocery shop or cook for the next day, while other days I just take care of my responsibilities.

I want to make sure I am a good steward of ALL He has blessed me with, but, I would rather be in the will of God, than ticking things off my “to-do list”. WHATEVER I do, I pray that’s it’s what I should be doing right at that moment.

My life IS my ministry.

I have learned to schedule it with more margin, allowing more space for “ministry” time. I also do TRY and balance it with things like getting enough rest. Rest is very important. The disciples did it, Jesus did it, we should do it too.

I remember my Mum often saying she would rest when she got to heaven. I’m sure that’s exactly what she’s doing; one day, so will I. But my priority right now is to live out every God-given purpose while I am here. Because, the reality is, we all only have one shot.

Your life is your ministry. Try and maintain a balance of rest and serving. More than that, try and fulfil your purpose to make the most of the life God has given you.

You only get one shot at life here on earth. Make it count!



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Abigail George Author Abigail George is a single mother of two who still lives where she grew up, in South West Sydney. She loves music, movies, reading, writing, everything outdoors, travelling, spending time with family and friends, and is heavily involved in serving at her church. The challenges she has faced in the last seven years has allowed her to grow closer to God, stronger in her faith, and more intentional about focusing on things with eternal significance.
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