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New to YouTube (released just 2 weeks ago!) from the album For Such A Time As This – this stunning piece of videography for Thankful by Karl Nova makes for the perfect winter viewing.

The juxtaposition of a bustling, busy London City at night B roll (with all the lights) with the piano heavy  backing track is BEAUTIFUL! The video will cause you to think of all God has done for you. Some moments display excellent editing skills and will be a delight to your eyes. Cutting to the artist looking out creates intimacy and a sense of  journey. Much effort has gone into the production of this video and it shows.

REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

A genuine sense of sadness hit me after I finished listening to this EP as I really enjoyed listening to it.

The 6 track EP entitled “Local” is mostly about the life the artist experienced before he became a Christian compared to the way things are in the present day. In the words of Jahaziel; it’s clear “God’s done blessed his (Mevillious’s) skill” because the amount of thought, effort, detail and rhetoric that has gone into essentially every track is formidable!