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Cavell drops B.A.M.N Music Video


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Cavell drops B.A.M.N Music Video

Mancunian (from Manchester, UK) Christian rapper Cavell has produced a catchy cracker here.

B.A.M.N broken down By Any Means Necessary is similar to songs that you may have heard from artists producing secular music (Lethal Bizzel’s POW springs to mind) the genius with these types of tracks is the one word that grabs your attention, instantly making you able to get involved with the song without knowing every single word. From there, you can almost certainly pick up the rest of the track easily, but it all starts with one word.

Cavell drops B.A.M.N Music Video

B.A.M.N is that word and it certainly grabs your attention.

What I liked about this track was the fact that it keeps a good tempo and is something to move to. As we know, not all Christian music is pipes and organs, this ignites the faith and the fire simultaneously.

Not only that, the video was very well-edited and visually pleasing, making the overall package something for the UK Christian community and Cavell to be proud of.

Where would I play this track? In my car on a warm summers day with the top down, Jesus blaring over the whole of the UK.


Cavell Body Building Album UKCR

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Connect with Cavell

Cassandra My name is Cassandra and I believe in spreading positivity through the gifts we were granted. Ever since I was a child I always knew doing something creative with my life was a calling, a purpose, a God given mission to fulfil.I love to write, speak, encourage, produce videos, create comedy and live out my purpose, giving back to this wonderful universe.
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