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24-year-old David Abiona popularly known as Davecreates has a unique and creative style when it comes to rap music. His lyricism and wordplay in combination with the producers he works with create a sweet melody. 

Whether one is into rap music or not, Paperchase, his latest release is one that we can all relate with. As much as it is a heart-check song, it is also very easy to listen to. 


I’m on that paper chase

Daily I’ve been tryna get my paper straight


We’re constantly hustling and striving for one thing or the other. When we eventually get the things that we have looked forward to, there is often something else, a new level, a new need to be met. One can get so caught up in all of the cravings that we lose sight of what matters in life.


Davecreates draws the attention of the listener to the fact that in the end, the things that we so long to do not give lasting satisfaction. One deception that we readily swallow is that our lives are graded by how influential we are or how much wealth we amass.

Paperchase is a good reminder that we can breathe. Pursuing financial goals isn’t a problem but we mustn’t do it at the expense of our lives and of who matters most- Jesus.


“For me, this song is about addressing the fact that we can’t find complete fulfilment in things that weren’t created to fulfil us completely – only Jesus can do that.”



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