Unique Creations drops Dark Seasons EP on KCMIX.com
Dark Seasons EP

As Christians, we’re all susceptible to dark seasons. Unique Creation’s EP (of the same name) takes the listener on a journey – from the hard hitting, authentic opening track Life or Death – which explores the choice everybody eventually has to make (i.e. Life with Christ or eternal death…) to the final couple of tracks which open up and provide somewhat of a testimony about the struggles the artist goes through.  Life or Death will get you pumped, excited and strike a nerve… If you’re saved it’ll re-ignite your faith and passion for the Lord. If not; it’ll open your eyes. The abrupt ending to this track works.

Arena – track number 2 on the EP is probably my least favourite due to the auto tuned African backing vocal in the Chorus which sounds odd on the ears. Even after listening to it several times, it still throws me off guard.
I do however, appreciate the vibes of the track. It implies that Unique is gassing himself up for a (in my head) cage fight with the enemy with his “two edged sword” – and he’s just ready to “mash up the arena” and fight! Excellent use of biblical/Christian references. Perfect follow up to the previous track.

Unique Creations drops Dark Seasons EP on Birthday on KCMIX.com
Unique Creations drops Dark Seasons EP on Birthday

Track 3 is Fashionista. For those of you who have a good awareness of UK Gospel music over the years this will instantly remind you of Faith Child’s Just Pose a track from his 2009 album Illumination which explores a similar topic. This track should have a video that introduces a dance move specific to the song.. (think two step with a funky arm movement, guys!) because it’s fun, memorable and would do well outside of the Christian music scene. It mixes the Christian message with modern relevant culture quite well and will have you dancing straight away! Turn this track up and let it blast from your speakers!

Rising changes the tone for the remaining half of the EP – taking it down a notch and preparing for the in depth testimonial side tracks 5 & 6 bring. Featuring InderPaul Sandhu – It is heavily instrumental using keys and a backing track which sounds like Ridge Racer and acts as an interlude. It’s crazy positive and so encouraging that it may bring you to tears if you are striving towards a goal or God given vision in your personal walk. It’s perfect for this summer season and is another one to play loud and proud! Perhaps the best track of the EP. Well produced and crafted – I am grateful and appreciative of InderPaul’s contributions because he has an amazing voice and it works perfectly on this track. A firm favourite for sure!!!

Me vs. Me continues with the instrumental, interlude tone. It gets real and personal – taking you even deeper and giving real insight into the man behind the EP. Containing beautiful analogies and imagery – as well as a roll credits mention of the EP title; it’s a neat and tidy track that will bring you nicely towards the end. Only criticism is that it I feel that it could’ve explored the personal “me versus me” battle (aka spirit/flesh) struggle that Christians go through. The track title implies and evokes a lot more than is given in the song.

Introduced by and featuring guitar throughout;  final track Inner Battles is the one which demonstrates the artists intention for the whole album (To encourage and be transparent). It is more like a piece of spoken word than a general track and therefore a good way to end the EP. It concludes the intimacy that has been built up between Unique Creation and the listener over the previous tracks – allowing us to really hear him and his story as you would in a conversation.

Overall, Dark Seasons is a real, honest and original EP that flows from track to track like a meandering river. Cleverly created and put together with confidently delivered rap Dark Seasons EP is diverse and featuring a variety of styles, music and genres within. Decent beats and production and genuine insight can be expected. If you’re in need of encouragement through a “dark season”, or need positive Christian music to get you through a work, studies, a work out at the gym – or even just to help you escape reality for a while! This is the EP for you.

Written by Rachel St John (#RachelReviews)
Rachel’s’ Rating: 4.5/5


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