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Prodigal Son Duo EP.1" from Skye

The best thing about the EP is the fact it’s so refreshing. From the testimonial insight given – specifically in Action Speaks and Made It – it’s clear that Skye is a relatively new Christian. As a result; The fire and passion conveyed stating his wish to not only change himself but the world is amazing and something that tends to subside when a person’s walk with the Lord matures.

Opening with a telephone conversation in which Skye proclaims to a friend that he has turned to Christ and has decided to change; we are instantly led to Action Speaks which is almost like a declaration of his new found faith whilst providing some home truths which is perfect for others who are not in a relationship with God or considering seeking him.

Despite not being 100% keen on the opening of Way home, I understood the metaphorical purpose of it. Although repetitive at parts, it is an effective track packed with all the rhetorical devices lyrically to make it interesting and hard hitting.

Made It is definitely the “anthem” of the EP and the inspirational reminder that I think seasoned Christians will appreciate. It had me thinking back to the moment I fell in love with Jesus for the first time – almost making me want to re-live that moment again and have that passion for God I did back when I got saved. Skye’s confidence and openness is valuable in this track and is a firm favourite.

Fellow rapper Cerose’s input in Moved Inn MADE THIS TRACK! Again – there was a telephone skit with a younger relative at the beginning which provided a snippet as to what to expect for the rest of the song.   I want to say so much more, but want you to hear for yourself! Another firm favourite for sure!

Final tracks Yahweh and Beautiful are more subdued. Whilst Yahweh provides depth and a heartfelt message; the final track is that standard relationship song you find on most Christian music within the UKG scene. Skye’s vocals match the beautiful instrumentals well. What I did like about Beautiful was how it stood out. The memorable lyrics such as “You’re beautiful, not just in my eyes, you’re the apple of God’s eye” – not only should be the type of chat up line every Christian girl should wait to hear – but really hones in the fact that relationships and marriage should be centred around God for it to work.

All in all; I enjoyed this EP. Prodigal Son is generally upbeat and uplifting whilst subtlety giving teaching/encouragement and almost preaching that you get the best of both worlds in the comfort of its rap genre.  The title matches the content of the EP and is very well done!

Rachel’s Rating: 4.2/5

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Rachel St John 27 year old Rachel St John has been a born again Christian for eight years. She has written for Keep The Faith Magazine, A Younger Theatre and her local newspaper since graduating from Kingston University in 2012. She is also focused on her own, personal projects including several plays, a blog, a novel and a complete movie script - all of which give glory to God and spread a positive Christian message.
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