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PVTH came to light in 2012 drawing from his experiences in Faith and ministry. He’s shared stages with the likes of Krs-0ne, Chris Rivers and other talented mentions. His previous releases include 2012s How Strange EP and 2017s Obedient Rebel LP. The up and coming, Crowns & Convictions is most definitely PVTHs most focused and freshest material yet!

We chop up Crowns & Convictions EP from PVTH …

PVTH starts with intent and direction with the first frack off the tape “Mission” an 808 simplistic beat allowing him to lay his bars clearly and concise. A statement about who he is and what he’s about. Not afraid to mess with auto-tuning and its works on this track. There is a tone of law vs grace that really gets captured in this track, a concoction of mission and aim done well, without forcing it.

…in Jesus we stand, without Him we fall, we bought by the blood, we free from the law…

“Problems” is the 2nd track on Crowns & Convictions. Similar 808 style like the first track, but the hook delivers a fresh feature from Myles J. It works with this track. Staying to the topic of problems, PVTH shows us the direction to grace as the bedrock for your problems. Talk it out with God! I’m finding an edifying heart from this artist on this track. Calm tune with an atmospheric synth-organ keeping melody alive.

…see he got that wordplay that will forever set you free…

Track 3 “Tsunami” starts with a spine-chilling siren than makes you think ‘air-raid’. I’ve always been a big fan of sound-art in music; building more to the imagination with real-life sounds like a siren or car crash. The warning sound this beat starts with builds you up for the hype track to follow. Definitely a live show opener, not a fan of the flow on this one but understand how it works for the beat.

…I don’t ride no wave, I’m going straight Tsunami…

My favourite track “Distance” is track number 4. Boom bap rears its head halfway through this EP which is good to see for musical choice. His flow hits hard on this beat, which has a tinge of reggae vibe on the chorus which gives it a different tone. Showcasing his diversity with his vocals on this number which allows a moment to enjoy the fluidity of PVTH.

… we lost our peice of heaven, while we continue to live it…

“Let’s Be Honest” is track 5 and starts with low vocals which caught me off-guard. Seems liked it slipped through the mixing process. The track needs to be lifted up as it is unquestionably noticeable. Still, PVTH shows us his versatile flow again, with a call to be saved by Christ. A call to honesty, with a simple, gentle soothing track to the mind sonically. The track will make you think about the faith and your walk.

Ever indebted to a saviour, who died so I can witness

Tack 6 “Doodoo Emoji” is a hard beat featuring the engineer on this project ‘Vanni Allan Poe’ on the hook. You know when you get that ‘I’m not messing with you’ kind of beat’. This is it! A call to have facts regarding race and crime. When I saw the song title, I was not looking forward to it. How you make doodoo emoji sound good on a hook? Hat’s off! PVTH doesn’t do light-hearted, only deep.

…my colour inherited with something that’s violent…

“Issues” is track 7 with an old skool Wyclef Jean vibe which is my second favourite. You can tell I like boom-bap. The horn section in the back really allows tuning into this one.  The chorus rides well with the beat, easy to catch and run along to. No need for selling lies on what he does, an artist that blends the lines between reality and ministry. He’s honest, he’s direct!

…Christ gave me grace, I am good right…

“Bonus” track, go cop the EP to find out what the bonus track is about!

Crowns & Convictions Review below

PVTH’s Crowns & Convictions EP out here





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Crowns & Convictions EP - By PVTH


PVTH is unashamed and direct in his lyrics towards Christ which really comes out and is felt. A versatile artist who puts his heart into his music, most importantly Christ! This music comes across for believers who are on their walk and needs encouragement, edification and a reality check. A bit too many 808's on this piece, however that is a personal taste, knowing that this project taps into the current sound of today. A top project, see my ratings below for each element.

Beat Production / Selection7.5
Lyrics & Wordplay8.2
Sound Quality7.5
Flow & Diversity8.8
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