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We recognise that he’s a huge influence, not just in sports but around the world.

Everything negative, pressure, challenge; is an opputunity for me to rise! – Kobe Bryant

He believed that if he gets up earlier than everyone else, wake up earlier than everyone else, he saw that he was much further than everyone else.

He calculated by minutes and hours, he was further than everyone else.

We talk about Christian excellence, it becomes a buzz word. You can think of your favourite scripture that motivates you. But scripture is more than motivation. It is a reflection of who we should be.

If we had that childlike spirit and go for everything that is right, can we believe that we love the Lord? What level of excellency does our faith show?

If we could work tirelessly for the kingdom and the gospel we can bring in interest for the King.

How much further can we take Christian excellence? Avoiding perfectionism as that can be for ourselves. Can we work harder in refusing our sins, bringing them to God and being honest about them? Destroying its habits and effect on our relationship with God.

Can we love the Lord more than Kobe loved basketball?



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