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It was in my review of Unique’s EP  Dark Seasons from over the summer which I said about Fashionista:

This track should have a video that introduces a dance move specific to the song.. (think two step with a funky arm movement, guys!) because it’s fun, memorable and would do well outside of the Christian music scene.

Unique Creations drops Dark Seasons EP on KCMIX.com
Dark Seasons EP

Lo and behold, I got my wish. Real talk – my imagination went crazy as to how the video could turn out for this fun, fresh track.. So, when I got round to seeing it, a #Rachel’sReview was inevitable. But first, check it out for yourself, below; then we’ll get to talking…



The only real negative I have to say about this video is that is wasn’t how I imagined it to be. Just like two people reading the same book – everybody has their own vision for things they read or see.

All in all the video for Fashionista was well done and professionally put together, opening with a dancer in a hoodie donning “Kanye glasses” the strong beat started and the credits to production and director came up on screen.

The contrast from the dancers to the artist and from black background to white was good and kept the video exciting. The use of colourful graphics – particularly on the black background worked well and seemed to be perfectly timed to particular points of the track. Director Junior Alawa did a fantastic job overall!

The dancers looked like they were having a lot of fun and the choreography was pretty sick. Not complicated enough that watchers couldn’t copy but was on point and impressive to entertain. Unique Creation’s presence on camera made it clear that he’d starred in music videos before. He worked the camera well and knew when to look at the camera to create the best dramatic effect.

One further criticism would be the lack of structure or narrative to the song. Beyond it’s fun theme and backing track there is a deep, poignant message which could’ve been played out more.

However what you get in this video suits the track just fine and is definitely up there with other similar visual projects

I look forward to the next one!

Rachel’s Rating: 3.5/5

Let us know what you think and comment below.


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