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Fuego Boyz Freestyle + Living For Music


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Fuego Boyz Freestyle + Living For track available to stream via soundcloud.

Fuego boyz is a group of energetic young men that have a passion for music and ministry. Rooted in their faith and influenced by urban culture, they have built an incredible catalog of music. Additionally, The Fuego Boyz regularly travel around nationwide and internationally with positive music bringing love, hope and positive vibes to all individuals, encouraging their generation to be focused and positive.

Listening to this track from the group “Living For” has a really calm melody and inspiring wordplay. All members of this group compliment each other very well and refreshingly promote the gospel and the testimonial evidence of Gods change in their life and what they are now living for. Listen Below:


Watch thier interview with @TheTPKmovement below:

In 2016 they were signed to the RSM Records roster and is currently working on a new EP called P.U.S.H

Connect with Fuego Boyz:


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