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Goons4God is a ministry that is called to do more than making rap music. Their latest EP, Diligent League, is a reflection of their heart and purpose.

It’s hard to not see their passion for evangelism, spiritual growth, prayer and bible study.

Their heart for the gospel doesn’t in any way take from their creative expression. I find the title of the EP quite intriguing; paying close attention to even the titles of the songs, you’d see the intentionality and the harmony of ideas.

Let dig into the tracks on the EP;

Score Board (Artz, Jordz, Loomz & Akavelli)

This lead track off the EP sets the tone for the rest of the songs. The neat flow combined with a passionate drill beat is one thing you can constantly expect from Goons4God.

Check the scoreboard, guess who’s on it, at the top is Jesus Christ.

Scoreboard paints the picture of how the Devil comes at us as believers like it’s a game. It shows how we’ve won and keep winning. The lyricism and wordplay for sure catch the attention of the listener.


Holy Flow (Artz & Loomz)

This track is an expression of the goal of G4G. With all of the gang violence that occurs daily, it is encouraging and inspiring to see that they are deliberate about seeing gang members get saved.

Saving souls is the mission, gang or main or even in prisons.


Drillings (L. Boogie, Akavelli, Loomz & Jordz)

Don’t be confused when them mandem talking that violent talk.
We’re speaking life not death and our only weapon is the word of God.

Drill music is often seen as violent and rough and although G4G is heavily into drill, drillings serves as a mirror to show how intentional they are about their lyrics. The goal is to drill through hearts with the word of God and redirect them to the right path.


4 Ours (L. Boogie, Artz, Loomz & Jordz)

4 Ours focuses on community and the role it plays in the life of believers. From the lyrics, you can see that beyond writing good music and doing ministry together, Goons4God show up for each other and aid in each other’s spiritual life.


…Half Time…


Prayer (Jordz, Artz & Loomz)

“The whole gang gets in the quiet place before we step on the pave.”

This track gives an insight into why they make as much impact as they do. Goons4God is not just your regular group of rappers who just write and create good music. This is a ministry and no work of ministry thrives without prayer.


Slap It (Artz & Loomz)

The attitude in this song is perfect for the word conveyed.

I still got beef with lust, won’t stop praying until that vanish

He talks about his weakness and how his approach is to ‘slap and attack it’ in the place of prayer and fellowship with brethren.


Contagious 2.0 (L. Boogie, Artz & Loomz)

There’s a couple of references from the current pandemic. I mean, even the title speaks of it.

In the prayer closet with God, connection way better than 5G.

Contagious is a perfect last track for this EP. There’s no slowing down, it’s still hard and passionate. It’s good music.


Goons4God is surely a group to keep our eyes on and this EP was well done. An EP that you should purchase and listen to as there are elements to encourage in the bleak times. More so to remind the believer in Jesus of their position in the army of God.

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