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Flame’s new EP, Daybreak, is a short but straight to the point project that doesn’t shy away from the touchy subject of social injustice. While looking through the lens of American Christianity, he points out the errors. He goes on to redirect his audience in the right direction according to Biblical standards.


Daybreak is a five-track project that features Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Phil J., Jai and George Rose.


Set My Sails establishes the main point of this project. It addresses the fragmented and inconsistent display of Christian expression amid social injustice. 

It appears like social injustice is on the rise. However, I think not. It is just more visible, more people are speaking up, there are more ways to capture, record and tell the world. While the voices of the oppressed get louder, it is expected that the church would do everything in her power to defend them, to speak for their rights. However, in a lot of situations, the cries are met with silence. The church picks a side, a party as if it were Jesus’ party. Much more than being loyal to a party, there’s the responsibility to serve, to love our neighbours.


“We suppose to be an embassy (Embassy)

Heaven on earth, a remedy

Fightin’ the white supremacy

Serving our neighbour with empathy”


While coming from a slightly different angle, the central line of thought flows well into I’m on. On this issue of social injustice, everyone has a role to play that they must be aware of. 


“Playing my part or I am part of the problem

Yes, I’m complicit if I sit in silence”


Flame reminds the audience that when they don’t do anything, they give room for injustice to thrive. Sometimes, Christians want to hide under the umbrella of preaching the gospel. So, he draws attention to the fact that there are more things to be done, like voting.


Two Realms shows the two dimensions that believers live in; left-hand, earthly and right-hand, heavenly. So, while we look forward to a heavenly kingdom and must actively show it to the rest of the world, we must be conscious of the other realm in which we live. The focus in this left-hand dimension is on the flourishing and preservation of the lives of the people.


Trueman Show calls out the errors of the church institution specifically. Flame is not afraid to talk about how some preachers keep saying a lot but never talk about the day-to-day injustices and oppression. 


You said we equally in Christ

‘Til it’s a black man’s life (on the line) then the true man shows


Flame shares on EP;

“Daybreak is a short project that unpacks the state of American Christianity in context of social justice. This EP will deconstruct the false notion that biblical Christianity should look only one way in the voting booth and otherwise. One might say it takes you on a journey from disillusionment to authenticity. Biblical Christianity wins the day and Nationalism is exposed. If you’ve been wondering about the fragmented and inconsistent display of Christian expression during today’s social climate you will find common ground, comfort and the way forward in Christ.”


The final track, Daybreak, which is spoken rather than sung, summarizes the main point of the EP. Drawing reference from James’ epistle, he talks about how improper it is to just be interested in spreading orthodoxy while people have earthly needs.


To indicate that the church has no responsibility to take an active stand against social injustice is false doctrine.

Social injustice is an issue that the church, Christians need to actively push against. They need not hide under religious activities or begin to practice nationalism. The call to being Christian is the call to love your neighbour, and who is my neighbour? The person that’s begging to breathe.


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Gift Kaydo I am a writer, poet, bible teacher and medical doctor. I've been blogging and creating faith themed content since 2014. I often refer to God as Papa as my content centres around seeing His love and understanding Him. My goal is to spark up love in your heart for Him. I enjoy photography, photo and video editing in my leisure.