ICIE Releases ‘So Close’ Single + Album Scheduled for 2018

ICIE Releases ‘So Close’ Single + Album Scheduled for 2018

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ICIE Releases ‘So Close’ Single + Album Scheduled for 2018


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ICIE Releases ‘So Close’ Single + Album Scheduled 2018

ICIE the LDN rapper who’s been on the scene from back in 2004, known for his compelling storytelling and smooth beats brings us ‘So Close’ featuring Traviz Wilde. Citing his influences as Shakespeare, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, he clearly showcases his love for poetry in his music.

ICIE Releases 'So Close' Single + Album Scheduled 2018
ICIE says “album Scheduled 2018”

So Close touched nerves in the subject matter of domestic violence in a relationship, with sounds of a personal reality that seemed close to the rapper himself. This one centers on the man being a victim of the violence.

In this track ICIE draws out the potent desire of the victim to “Chris Brown a woman” but restrained, after being a victim of this violence both mentally and physically.

So close to hitting you, so close to things getting physical…

The flow and delicate world placement over the beat makes for a next-to-perfect stage set for the delivery of the deep and challenging lyrics set out in his track ‘So Close’.

Traviz Wilde’s vocals smoothly brings together the song and creates an atmosphere that you are more than likely going to get lost in.

You were supposed to build me up, but you broke me down…

The song ends with forgiveness to from the victim. Even when he can see she is happy and moving on with her life, he forgives her for the abuse.

ICIE doesn’t mince his words, tackles a pressing subject that is reality for many men and women, delivered consciously well and brave.

An abrupt end to the song, it seems to cut off, which I would have like to see finish off in a more smooth manner, a fade out perhaps, which leaves a more lasting impression something I’ve found in music.

Album for 2018?

However the #UKCR veteran, says “I am currently working hard on his album scheduled for 2018”.

So Close’ is worth the stream, more so the download to have as an encouragement to forgive and move on.

ICIE Releases 'So Close' Single + Album Scheduled 2018

Stream or Buy ‘So Close’ by ICIE today – Click Here

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