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After her new single release, Kingdom Culture got to know rapper Genevive to find out who the creative artist and person she is. Her outspoken character sets her a bar higher. Genevive will take something controversial and turn it into a piece of art. The South African artist brings a charismatic approach to her creative work, directing her two first singles independently; ‘Rest Assured’ & ‘Nation’.


What’s your favourite South African cuisine?
Don’t know about cuisine, but BILTONG is the one!


When was your first interaction with music creatively?
In Southampton 2 years ago. I started writing to reggaeton beats, but found myself wanting to express scripture on a beat. Never planned on rapping, I don’t even consider myself a rapper, even though people always mention it.


Why do you not have a stage name?
Too mainstream. I think Genevive is unusual enough, especially the way it is spelt.


How long have you been writing lyrics for?
Only the last 3 years


Your music is deep and introspective, is that intentional?
All intentional. So many individuals who hear the message for the first time, couldn’t believe it’s based on the gospel. It’s contemporary, fresh, the hope we need to hear today.


Can you tell us of your first encounter with Jesus? What led you to become a Christian?
My family role modelled a life surrendered to him. He was fascinating to me growing up. Gave my life to him as a child even though I couldn’t comprehend him at the time. It was through my years at college and uni when I really understood that he is alive. He directed the desires in my music to be for him.

The more I understood that he loves the world, I decided that I could impact it for him through my music in the short life that I have. I don’t fully know what the outcome of my career will be, but I know where I’m going and the content I want to create for him. Now I live a life laying hands on the sick, and sharing my tracks with them, in the street. The church I go to is the one on two legs, ME! I am the temple, so we gotta get out there.


You say you did not want to face the normal same cycle of things back home, could you explain?
I knew my music would need funds behind it. After Uni, I discovered a studio nearby that is an amazing rate and close by. They work with artists from London and all over the UK, and so I love recording kingdom tracks there, as they don’t expect the sound to be the way it is.

God definitely is a vibe in that studio. So I stayed in Southampton and worked bar jobs to afford my own place. Eventually, I got it and lived in Southampton for 2 years. It was during that time, I discovered buying beats and writing to them. God showed me my calling, and the more I knew about him, the more I loved my gifts, cause it’s all I have to give to this world, and it’s enough.

After 2 years God told me to give up the flat and use my income to go to the studio! Now I am in the process of working on an EP which will have 5 tracks. Rest Assured and Nation not included.


You want to be a role model for other women. Why do you want to & is that important nowadays?
I was once that girl not focusing on my calling. I was going to clubs, parties, hanging around with people who didn’t bring out my potential, living life as it comes. And so I could say I wasted a lot of time but now looking back, those people know about my music today, and they do wonder what is going on in my life. I get to share the gospel with them and meet their needs with the Christ in me.

I remember looking at guys and girls in clubs and just missing the days where we had real respect for each other, you know; when people didn’t give themselves to each other so freely. I always felt a deep sadness and knew I wasn’t supposed to be in this lifestyle, but to come out of it and God would make me great, as I stand on his foundation of truth and who He created us to be, in his image.

He moulded me into something different, as I learnt the difference between the flesh and the spirit.

Most of the time people are living out of the flesh cause they haven’t seen someone role model life in the spirit. The more I modelled the real me in christ, people are drawn to it, and the Christ in me overflows. People see me in the flesh and jump to conclusions, but when they talk to me, the Holy Spirit takes over the conversation, and their whole point of view is turned around. I aim to bring out the Christ in them, cause that’s who they were created to be. I focus on women because naturally, that Is what I am, but I also love shedding light to guys, who approach me with a ‘flesh’ mindset.


See music video for new single ‘Nation’


You said: “The gospel is being preached in a contemporary and powerful way, we are living in the last days after all, and a lot of people need that wake-up call.” Do you think people are asleep? How are you aiming to wake them up?

When speaking to people, I get to the root of why they say things or believe things about themselves or a situation. I break down for them how it’s all from the carnal mind, that it’s because of the fall at the beginning.

I explain to them how their thoughts are not the real them. There is a real version of them waiting to come out, and that’s found in Christ. The flesh is fallen and its always going to be the run-down version of you.

A lot of Christians who don’t know the difference between flesh and spirit don’t know the root of the issue when speaking to someone, and so all day they are doing carnal Christianity, speaking to the carnal mind in someone else from a carnal mindset themselves. We gotta know which thoughts to take captive so that we can minister to the real them.

You cannot fight flesh with flesh.

Manifest the Christ in you. So the carnal mind is what is asleep in everyone. The word mentions ‘the whole earth waits for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed’, cause God is not in control, he is in charge, and he put you in control. What you speak to, will manifest his kingdom, and what you bind, cannot proceed.

We are one spirit with him, and so you wake people up by showing them you got the keys to the kingdom. When you show up, God shows up too, in every place, but he is waiting for people who will go and believe what they carry.


What future music is in the pipeline from Genevive?


Your new release Nation is out now, what inspired you to write it?

Seeing the world live life without knowing Christ is alive! The song talks about interceding for the nations. I personally intercede for them by manifesting Christ in me wherever I go.

I take carnal thoughts captive, and that’s how I see Gods kingdom manifest in this world. Most Christians believe their carnal thoughts are them, and that’s what holds them back.

It stops you from being God in every situation. One lyric,

‘Come into the kingdom that is nye’.

It’s in you, so go out there and manifest it in every situation, God is looking for people who won’t bow to this world and he will show himself strong on your behalf.



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