Is Your Music Fit For Purpose?

Is Your Music Fit For Purpose?

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Is Your Music Fit For Purpose?


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Is Your Music Fit For Purpose?

A gift from God to preach and reach souls…how amazing? Do we actually realise how important that is as musicians? Each time you open your mouth and release those words you are ministering into souls.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the seriousness and responsibility that this carries? Your music is a ministry, it’s your message to the world! A chance for you to spread the good news and tell the world about Jesus; what he means to you and what he has done for you. The Bible said we are to be accountable for every word spoken so let’s make those words really count.

For your music to reach the masses and be effective then it must come from a pure vessel. Music is worship, it is your sacrificial offering to God which must remain pure with no contamination. We were created to praise him, the Bible tells us if we do not praise him, he will raise up stones to praise him. If our worship is contaminated, the Father will reject it. You must consecrate yourself to have a connection with the Father. You must be filled with his anointing, spirit, and power so you can pour this out to the listeners. Your lyrics and music must be inspired by the Holy Spirit, which moved the men of God to write the scriptures in the bible 2 Peter 1:20.

Never take the platform that you have been given for granted. You were born for such a time as this Esther 4:14. God wants us to use the gifts and talents we have for the construction of his Kingdom. This is not your time to shine, it is time to lift Jesus high! Remember God can use your music to transform lives and save souls. Your music has the ability to set the captives free and release the oppressed Luke 4:18.

So then we must ask ourselves, what is the TRUE motivation for our music making? If your music doesn’t glorify God then it’s not fit for purpose. Are we watering down our message to “try” and save souls? The gospel is powerful enough and does not need to be diluted, the power is in the Word and will cause hearts to change. We need to remember that it’s never US that draws the soul, we are simply the vessel being used by the greater one. The Bible says

“If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me” – John 12:32

therefore we do not need to try and manipulate the word to get souls. When we make this thing all about us, the fame and fortune there is only one way to go and that is down. If we exalt ourselves we shall surely be humbled Mathew 23:12.

There are many successful gospel artists who have reached the masses and touched souls through their music without having to compromise. For example, Kingdom Muzic (Husband and Wife; Bryan and Monica Trejo) uploaded a video which went viral on the mainstream World Star Hip Hop website through ministering the Word. This was the undiluted gospel being preached to unsaved souls, and with over 140,000 views on YouTube this has catapulted their ministry worldwide. We cannot be ashamed of God and deny him before men when put on a platform Romans 1:16.

Gospel artists…the calling is HIGH and you have much work to do. ?

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