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JoJoey – Say A Prayer For Me (Music Video)

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JoJoey – Say A Prayer For Me (Music Video)

JoJoey brings the real truth about the struggle in the ‘endz’, talking about his  struggle on the roads and how he used to live that life and knew the pressures of living life with the impending feeling of death, to the point where he was in so much danger; he never knew who he could trust, he had

“a bounty on his head”

as he says; his word play inundated throughout his verses bring a clear impactful meaning, which resonates within you as you listen.

JoJoey spits the truth about the roads and how they are claiming more and more young lives, he talks about how mothers are giving birth to indirectly to lose their children to the roads; and illustrates his point of how young people aren’t meant to be dying young, and the fact that in his life there were so many people trying to talk to him that it felt like he had so many “close calls”.

He hits home when he says;

“don’t let the hood lie and say you’ll die a legend, cause when you die they won’t remember you just like 9/11 ”

this verse highlights the sensationalised and fake lifestyle the generation of today are being sold.

JoJoey comes at life from a whole new perspective. He brings a message of hope and how he found his way out; speaking the raw truth about what the ‘roads’ can be like and the struggles he’s faced, it’s loud and clear he’s speaking from experience.

The message he brings, comes straight from his heart talking about the people he’s lost, and what has motivated him throughout his journey; he comes from a standpoint of how Life & Death is more of a daily struggle; than a series of consecutive events.

It is clear that JoJoey is a man with a story to tell, of many words that bring a message; he is sure to go far with the experience and powerful messages he “packs” in his raps.

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