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Melvillous : Break My Heart Music Video


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When you are in the firing line of criticism and rejection… How do you stand your ground? Melvillous opens the doors into his mind, a journey into his heart concerning some aspects of his life

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and music. A journey that one must appreciate the weight of responstibility on his shoulders and expectation to his craft. He reminds the listener that its all about God, but ponders … Why God gave him the power to influence?

He talks about the struggles he faces with relationships; With his father, whilst encouraging others to build one with theirs. The many youths and collectives behind him expecting his success. Not just any success but success as a Christian artist being bold about his faith and holding to it. This is inspiring and an eye opener to the need for prayer and support from the scene as a whole.

Not just for Melvillous, but the many artist out there pushing the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. They are targets of the enemy and you really get this from the song by Melvillous . Have a listen and let this move, not only your head to the heard beat, but you to lift up a prayer and support for Christian Rappers all around the UK.

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