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Cerose is very matter of fact and straight to the point in his mixtape; Messiah Music – which is so refreshing. There’s no sugar coating or beating around the bush. He makes bold statements and presents the Christian perspective and viewpoint on controversial yet relevant issues such as homosexuality, promiscuity, the pressure to adhere to “societal norms” that may not be in line with

Mixtape Review: "Messiah Music" from Cerose

God’s will or desire for his people and the need for God’s people to wake up. His bravery is inspirational and will make you want to step up and do your own work for the Lord!

Opening with upbeat track All The Way Up. you’ll get a brief insight into the man behind the mixtape. As the tracks go on, however, there were slightly dark undertones. This was partly due to the whispering and breathiness in the earlier tracks – which gave off creepy vibes – but also because of Cerose’s baritone voice and rap style. There were also a few problems with diction and clarity too but it didn’t take away from the general confident delivery throughout.

Cerose demonstrates a creative side with three short “Skits” (tracks 3, 9 and twelve) which consist of mini monologues, preaching, samples, prayers and even words said in Hebrew! They make for a nice break between the tracks and adds an extra level of depth to the already conscious content of the mixtape.

I appreciate the wisdom, realness and honesty of this mixtape. Cerose combines vocals, an old school way of storytelling with recent rap styles of the urban scene today – which works well. He’s aware of the purpose of this mixtape and his mission to spread the gospel. We are the world – the conclud

ing track is definitely the most light-hearted of the mixtape mixing an upbeat tune with vocals which creates a sense of unity and purpose for the listener.

Overall – you’ll get all you need from this mixtape. Cerose strips the nonsense Rap music seems to have become and successfully brings it back to what it stands for; Rhythm and Poetry.

Rachel’s Rating: 4.5/5

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Rachel St John 27 year old Rachel St John has been a born again Christian for eight years. She has written for Keep The Faith Magazine, A Younger Theatre and her local newspaper since graduating from Kingston University in 2012. She is also focused on her own, personal projects including several plays, a blog, a novel and a complete movie script - all of which give glory to God and spread a positive Christian message.
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