Mixtape Review: “You Can Know The Half” from Feed ‘Em

Mixtape Review: “You Can Know The Half” from Feed ‘Em

Mixtape Review: “You Can Know The Half” from Feed ‘Em


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Mixtape Review: "You Can Know The Half" from Feed 'Em

What struck me most about the mixtape was the 100% reverence to the Lord  Rap Focused  Track 5 – My Story (God’s Glory) is the finest demonstration of the artist’s intent!  If you’re going through something Feed ‘Em‘s concepts, approach and depth will have you inspired and feeling blessed.  Track #7 is the shortest at just over 2 minutes and is almost like the interval act of the album with an honest rap-orientated outpouring. The whole project is personal/testimonial without being too heavy whilst the rap is assorted beautifully with vocals, stunning instrumentals and sampling to create an encouraging, memorable and fun bunch of tracks.

The artist positively displays boyish charms in his delivery –   similar to that of Guvna B in his earlier work.  There wasn’t  a single one of the diverse combination of thirteen tracks that I didn’t like. The overall production is pretty good and I appreciate the featuring artists input to the mixtape.

Exploring the cost of Christianity and the daily struggles he faces  –  the tracks to watch out for include mixtape title track; You don’t know the half for the lovers of upbeat music with a deep message. Down and Pray features vocals in the chorus from Selina Solomon and makes for a decent jazz influenced collaboration. Meanwhile,  He Reigns is the deep, slow track that is on the brink of a worship songwhereas  No (body), Vintage and Remember the Rain –  are heavier and infused with summer vibes and clever lyrics!

Wish I could go further into this review as there was so much I liked about it. But in the name of word count, I must digress.


Easy listening, insightful, fun – funky at times –  Rachel’s Rating: 5/5

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Rachel St John 27 year old Rachel St John has been a born again Christian for eight years. She has written for Keep The Faith Magazine, A Younger Theatre and her local newspaper since graduating from Kingston University in 2012. She is also focused on her own, personal projects including several plays, a blog, a novel and a complete movie script - all of which give glory to God and spread a positive Christian message.
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