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Many of us have to understand that there are no hand-me-downs in life. In our walk with the Lord, our 9-5s, education, our music, etc. Salvation is free but we still have to do our part and invest our all to Him, which takes me to my next point…

I see so much negativity towards the industry and websites that push the culture, Rapzilla, NewH20, Holy Culture (sorry if I am missing anyone). Many say they don’t support or show love, but in all honesty, if you don’t have a product that is quality or of excellence…

What makes you think that you will get pushed?

Even in your 9-5, you have to show the value of your work, that you are worth your wage. So that’s why many of us go to school, invest in training or higher education to get better.

So why is it that, in the gift that we love so much (music) we don’t do the same?

What makes us think; just because we are a producer, an artist, engineer, DJ in CHH that acceptance should be automatic?

Do you think it’s because we are believers and we should love?

Nah, on the contrary! We should be the ones doing EVERYTHING in excellence, investing in getting better, investing in practising if our raps or DJ-ing ain’t good.

That is where the issue is for many of us.

We are cheap and don’t want to give the time. If you aren’t cheap and investing, we expect things to be fast and be at our time. It does not work like that. If you believe in something, continue working hard at it and investing.


Invest in better

I see every (well most) Friday’s On The Beat Music & Rapzilla do Critique Fridays. Invest in paying for being heard. Invest in small things like that if you feel your product is competitive. If you get critiqued that it needs work, then you have something to work with.

Go back to the lab and get better and invest in better production (if you don’t produce). Invest in better software/equipment if you tap, produce, engineer, or DJ. Invest in better lyrics if you aren’t good at songwriting (Wes The Writer or TLBurt17 to name a few great songwriters).

I’ve been producing since ’04 but didn’t get my first major placement until 2014, nearly 10 years later and honestly that’s because I sucked for 10 years. I get TONS of rejections and even laughs.

I didn’t take it to heart.

I just started to invest time and money to get better.

If you have done all you can and don’t see results, then maybe music isn’t it. Nothing wrong with that! I have seen many people be successful in other things that involved music and became great at it. There needs to be results, eventually, to something you are investing in.

If there isn’t then it’s not worth investing in anymore. That sometimes is the hardest thing to come to a realisation about.

I know I just spazzed out of nowhere, but this has been heavy on my heart for a while and been wanting to share for a minute.

Let’s continue to grow our culture and stop bringing it down.

Grace and peace to everyone that has read this.

God bless you all!




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