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“Parkers Verse” by Rapper S.O.


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“Parkers Verse” by Rapper S.O.

Sampling The Korgiz’s Everybody’s gotta learn sometime in latest track Parkers Verse; It’s clear S.O. has developed heaps since the days of “Sure Thing”. Video director James Knoruka does a fantastic job creating a feature film-esque opening.

S.O uses a combination of rap, rhetorical devices, spoken word and storytelling-to make Parkers Verse the ideal dedication to a nephew/Godson. The backing track is predominantly instrumental and the lyrics touches on the testimonial side. The 3min 47 second long track is jam packed but also doesn’t feel enough.

However, there is a lot of depth, encouragement and references to God and the Christian journey. The understated, instrumental backing track is perfect. It compliments S.O’s raw delivery style and also allows the message of the sampled song to come through (which itself has connotations in the context of a Christian Rap song) that in order to know Christ we need to accept him into our lives so our hearts can be changed.

The personal track that becomes one with the video which mostly features of the artist walking around by a river in the inner city or performing directly to the camera.

“Parkers Verse” by Rapper S.O. has chilled out vibes and is a good one for quiet time or personal reflection.


"Parkers Verse" by Rapper S.O.

Stream/Buy “Parker’s Verse”: http://smarturl.it/SOParkersVerse

Spotify – http://smarturl.it/soparkersspotify
Itunes – http://smarturl.it/soparkersitunes
Google Play – http://smarturl.it/soparkersgoogle
Amazon – http://smarturl.it/soparkersamazon


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Rachel St John 27 year old Rachel St John has been a born again Christian for eight years. She has written for Keep The Faith Magazine, A Younger Theatre and her local newspaper since graduating from Kingston University in 2012. She is also focused on her own, personal projects including several plays, a blog, a novel and a complete movie script - all of which give glory to God and spread a positive Christian message.
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